July 16th, Acoustic Fest, Manitowok Wisconsin (Duet Show)


Fri, July 8th, RibFest Peterborough, ON 7-8:15

Fri, July 8th Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough

Sat, June 4th Private Party

Fri, June 10th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough

Fri, May 27th Apple Blossom Tyme Festival, Colborne, ON

Fri, April 8th Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough

Sat, April 9th, Beaufort Pub, Bellville

April 21st-24th Princess What’s her Name?

Childrens Musical/playing the Evil Fairy

Fri, May 13th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough

Fri, March 25th, Red Dog, Peterborough (With Broken Harmony)

Thurs, March 17th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, Paddy’s Day

Thurs, Feb 4th, School Frundraiser

Fri, Feb 12th, Blackhorse Pub

Jan, 8th Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough


Sat, Sept 5th, The Axis, Toronto, ON

Fri, August 7th, The Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

Thurs, Aug 6th, Summer Band Shell Concert, Port Hope

Sat, Aug 1st, Peter Robinson Festival, Morrow Park Peterborough

July 11th, Bent Anchor, Combermere

July 10th, Ribfest, Peterborough, ON

June 13th, The Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

March 1st, Barb’s Right Breast Benefit, The Historic Red Dog

Feb 6th, 2015, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

Jan 2nd, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON


December 5th,Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

November 29th, Beaufort Pub, Belleville, ON

Sept 19th, Cravings, Port Hope, ON

Sat, Sept 6th,Southside Shuffle- Port Credit, Irish Brogue Inn

Sat, August 2nd, The Tank House Patio, Peterborough, ON

Fri, Aug 1st, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

Sat, July 26th, Hawkfest

Thurs, July 24th, The Mill, Cobourg, ON

Sat, July 12th, Ribfest, Peterborough, ON

Fri, July 4th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

Sat, June 28th, Franks, Cobourg, ON

Sat, June 21st,The Paddock Pub, Toronto, ON, NXNE Showcase 1am

Sat, June 21st, Del Crarey Park, Peterborough, ON

Sat, June 14th, The Red Dog, Peterborough, ON, Opening for Colt Harley

Fri, June 6th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON-9:30pm

Fri, May 23rd, The Bridge, Campbellford, ON

Sat, May 17th, Active Arts Studio, Prince Edward County

Fri, May 16th, The Spill, Peterborough, ON

With Jessie Brown & The Black Divine and The Almighty Rhombus

Thurs, April 24th, Commodore Room, Nashville, TN

Sat, April 12th, The Red Dog, PTBO, ON

Sat, April 5th, Limestone Steakhouse, Cobourg, ON

Sat, March 29th Beaufort Pub, Belleville, ON

Mon, March 17th, Blackhorse Pub, PTBO ON

Sat, March 15th, Bar Radio, Toronto ON

Sat, Feb 22nd, Franks, Cobourg, ON

Fri, Feb 7th, The Bridge, Campbellford, ON

Sat, Feb 1st, The Red Dog, PTBO ON

Fri, Jan 3rd Blackhorse Pub, PTBO, ON


 Sat, Dec 14th,  Mark’s Finer Diner, Peterborough, ON

Nov 30th,  Underground Garage Toronto, ON

Fri, Nov 29th, The Red Dog, Peterborough, ON

Sat, Nov 23rd, Beaufort Pub, Belleville,

Thurs, Nov 21st, United Way Benefit, The Capitol Theatre, Port Hope, ON

Sat, November 9th, La Gondola Hastings, ON

Thursday, Oct 31st, C’est What? Toronto, ON

Sat, Oct 26th Market Hall,PTBO, ON, Socrates Caberate

Thurs, Oct 17th Mustache Club, Oshawa, ON

Sept 6th, The Brogue Inn Irish Pub, Port Credit, ON

Sat, August 3rd, PTBO Music Fest, Del Crarey Park, Peterborough, ON

Sat, July 20th, Killaloe Craft Fair, Killaloe, Ontario

Sat July 13th,Rib Fest, Peterborough, ON

June 30th, Canada Celebrations, Victoria Park

June 29th, Fenelon Falls Blues Festival

June 28th, Private Party

June 21st, ALBUM RELEASE, Market Hall, Peterborough, ON

June 15th,Showplace Theatre, Opening for Eleven Past One

Fri, May 31st, C’est What?, Toronto, ON

Friday May 24th, Delta Chlesea, Monarchs Pub, Toronto, ON

Sat May 18th, Beaufort Pub, Belleville, ON

May 8th, The Bovine sex Club, Toronto, ON

Sat May 4th, Kingston Blues Series, The Stand Easy

Sat May 4th, No Frills Parking Lot) In Support of Cystic Fibrosis

Sun, April 28th, The Wire Awards, Market Hall, Peterborough, ON

Saturday, April 13th, Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON

Fri, April 12th, Montreal House, PTBO, ON

Wed, April 10th, Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, ON

Sat, April 6th, Legendz, Belleville, ON

Sat March 30th, Murphy’s Pub, Oshawa, ON 10pm

Sun March 17th, Red Dog, PTBO ON

Sun March 17th, Montreal House

Sat March 16th, Aron Theatre, Campbellford, ON

Fri, March 15th, Montreal House, Peterborough, ON 10pm

Sat March 9th, Beaufort Pub,Belleville, ON

Sat, March 2nd, Murphy’s, Oshawa, ON

Fri, Feb 15th, Montreal House, PTBO

Sun, Feb 10th, Shopaholics Extravaganza, The Ranch Resort, Bethany

Sat Feb 9th, La Gondola, Hastings

Sat Jan 26th, Beaufort Pub, Belleville, ON

Sat, Jan 19th, Cystic Fibrosis Benefit, White House, PTBO

Fri, Jan 18th, Murphy’s Pub, Oshawa

Fri, Jan 11th Montreal House, PTBO

Sat Jan 5th, The Historic Red Dog. PTBO

Fri, Jan 4th, Murphy’s Pub, Oshawa

Thurs, Jan 3rd, Blackhorse Pub, PTBO


Sat Dec 29th, Beaufort Pub, Belleville

Thurs Dec 27th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

Sat Dec 22nd, Montreal House, Peterborough, ON

Fri, Dec 21st, Legendz, Belleville, ON

Fri, Dec 21st, Wolf Christmas. Red Dog

Thurs, Dec 13th, Blackhorse Pub, PTBO, ON

Sun, Dec 9th, Market Hall Theatre, Peterborough, ON

Sun, Dec 9th, Showplace Theatre, Peterborough, ON

Fri, Dec 7th, Private Party

Thurs, Dec 6th, Murphy’s Pub, Oshawa

Thurs, Nov 29th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

Fri, Nov 23rd, Montreal House, PTBO, ON

Thurs, Nov 22nd, Mansion, Kingston, ON

Nov 16th, The Spill, Peterborough, ON

Nov 17th, Stix and Stones Billiards, Trenton

Nov 15th, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough

Nov 3rd, La Gondola, Hasting, ON

Nov 1st, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough

Oct 21st Showplace Theatre, Supporting Colin James

Oct 20th, Red Dog ,Peterborough, ON

Oct 18th, Blackhorse, Ptbo, ON

Sept 2nd, Reservoir Lounge, Toronto

Sept 1st, Private Party, Havelock

Sept 1st, Tank House, Peterborough

Aug 31st, Private Party, PTBO

Aug 24th, Wolfstock, Peterborough

Aug 23rd, Blackhorse Pub, Peterborough, ON

Aug 17th, Legendz, Belleville, ON

Aug 16th, Montreal House W/Jessie Brown,PTBO

Aug 9th, Blackhorse Pub, Ptbo, ON

Aug 5th, C.O Blitz, Combermere, ON

Aug 4th, Party for Peck, Campbellford, ON

Aug 3rd, City of Bricks, Port Hope, ON

Aug 3rd, Tank House, Peterborough, ON

July 27th, The Ship Inn, St.John’s, NL

July 26th, Levee, St.John’s, NL

July 25th, The Levee, St.John’s, NL

July 24th, CBTG’s, St.John’s, NL

July 18th, Little Lake Music Fest, PTBO, ON

July 13th,Frankford Blues Festival

July 12th, Blackhorse Pub

July 7th, The Tank House, PTBO, ON

June 23rd, Tank House, PTBO, ON

June 24th, Club One 7 Two, PTBO, ON

June 28th, Blackhorse Pub

June 29th, The Red Garnet PTBO, ON

June 22nd-Sgt Peppers-Ajax, ON

June 20th-Red Dog, Ptbo, ON

June 16th-The Annex Live (NXNE Showcase)

June 14th-The Blackhorse Pub, Ptbo, ON

June 11th-The Spill, Ptbo, ON

June 9th-Taste of Downtown Festival, Ptbo, ON

June 9th-Private Party

June 2nd-Del Crarey Park-International Trails Day

May 31st-Blackhorse- PTBR

May 26th- The Cabin- PTBR

May25th-Sgt Peppers-Ajax

May 24th-Arcs Emergency Rescue


May19th- Victoria Park-CME

May 18th- TankHouse-PTBR

May 17th- Blackhorse-PTBR

May 15th-East Side Marios (In support of Custic Fibrosis) PTBR

May13th- Walk a mile in her shoes-Red Dog

May 12th-Cookstown Pub

May 5th-La Gondola-Hastings

May 4th-Private Party

May 3rd-Blackhorse-PTBR

April 27th-Murphys-Oshawa

April 26th-Moose Logde-Lindsay ON

April 20th-Sgt Peppers-Ajax

April 19th Blackhorse-PTBR

April 13th-Tide and Bore-Moncton (ECMA showcase)

April 5th-Blackhorse-PTBR

April 4th-Horseshoe Tavern-Toronto

March 29th-Cameron House-Toronto

March 26th-The Spill

March 23rd-Caseys-Cobourg,ON

March 22nd-Cadillac Lounge (Canadian Music Week Showcase)

March 17th-The Venue-PTBR

March 16th-Sapphire Room (in support of the Red Cross)

March 10th-Atria-Oshawa, ON

March 8th-Blackhorse, ON

March 2nd-Sgt Peppers-Ajax, ON

March 1st-Blackhorse-PTBR

Feb 29th-Wired Wednesday’s-Red Dog, PTBR, ON

Feb 23rd-Blackhorse-PTBR, ON

Feb 10th-Caseys-Cobourg, ON

Feb 9th-Blackhorse-PTBR, ON

Jan 29th-Mod Club-Toronto, ON

Jan 28th-Song Symposium

Jan 26th-Blackhorse-PTBR, ON

Jan 21st-Red Dog-PTBR, ON

Jan 20th-Wilno Tavern, ON

Jan 15th-Red Dog (Dog Park Fundraiser)

Jan 13th-Tank House-PTBR, ON

Jan 12th-Blackhorse-PTBR, ON


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