This Mind

Morning……………so it is.

There are moments in my contemplating mind that I tend to slip and not really realize the beauty that is and that surrounds me.  I have found myself 32 years on this planet and, I have, who knows how many left; how is it that we can achieve each desired accomplishment in a short amount of time?  The pending time ticking death clock ticks its way behind my consciousness.  I am obsessed with creating things…word patterns, images, melodies,  these things that exist outside of what seems like my physical self.  Almost as if I am grasping to stamp my ink on the short existence we are each granted.

I read the news….not just the news….like every newspaper…its a problem.    I notice different styles of writing, each highlighting what ever they believe to be the most gruesome story that will tag the attention of each morning mule.  Which is me.  I have grown tired of being reminded of the scurging drudgery that is the human mind, given it’s devices.

I want Good News…news that resonates humility, hope and an avoidance of a death count.  It is out there. But then my mind wanders back to….pouring over what seems to be the biggest headline of the moment.

Blast…perhaps I’ll knock on one of my neighbors doors and ask what their best and most positive moment was closest until that second.






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