Year in ending

There are songs brewing inside of me getting ready to explode forth into album format.  I am independent and I am in constant reliance on myself and my meager earnings.   It is difficult but I will keep on producing and performing music as long as this life will allow it!

I have had a good year in music, gained a new member of my core band, settled in and we are strong and ready for a fresh New Year.

Thank you to those of you who have supported myself and my band mates by coming to see our live show, buying a cd or just digging my music.

I would like to thank my band mates Denis Anthony James, Jason Cockerill and Doug Hewie for all of their dedicated and hard work they have put in.

2013 we look forward to you and what you have to offer!


Lindsay Barr




One thought on “Year in ending

  1. “Year in ending LINDSAY BARR” was in fact a superb article.
    If it had more pix it could be even far better. Cya ,Natisha

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