My eyes are crossed and my voice box hurts!

Perhaps my days of singing up to 10 hours in 3 days are numbered.  My number one money-maker that keeps food in my fridge is ticking like a time bomb.  My voice is stronger than it has ever been, I can hit the notes and sustain them but it leaves me sounding much like a man for days to follow.

I am fully committed to making and performing music, even if the dead pan audience makes me want to stick my mic in my eyes socket and run around shrieking in mere attempts to gain their love and attention.

Fear not, I have miles and miles left in me that keeps me driving down the independent road of could be successes and near misses!

I wake up every morning, rise to the day and I  keep my sanity by reciting into the bathroom mirror…

“you are a good person, you work hard and will meet your dream one day, even if it takes selling your soul yet once again at the crossroads!”


2 thoughts on “My eyes are crossed and my voice box hurts!

  1. The first time I had a glimps of Lindsay’s Spirit. She was crouched down protecting a beautiful Moth, with the palms of her hands, from being trampled. Without Lindsay’s Spirit this Earths creature would surely not have survived. Lindsay you are a terrific person, you touch people’s hearts with your hard work and your Spirit will guide the way to meet your dream.
    Friend/Fan Al

  2. Lindsay ur awesome!! U bring so much energy to the stage …cant get enough of your shows!! Definately gonna catch some gigs in Ptboro..Rock em sister!

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