Social Media eats my mind

Social Media….the bain of our musical existence.

Did you tweet it?  Facebook it?  Invite all your friends?   Endlessly remind and nudge people to please “LIKE”me?

Check, check, um check.

People must get so tired of all the invites, tweets and please click here to vote…

But if you don’t convert your 20th Century mind into the 21st…you will get swallowed up by all the media savvy people who have converted.

It is absolutely pertinent to be more than just a music maker these days.

Not only are you a performer but you are also a roadie, an agent, a manager, a web designer, a publicist, a record label, a songwriter and a shell of human!

Once you are all of these, then maybe,  just maybe will you get some attention from some people who have the means to make a difference to your career.

Until then  I will continue to mercilessly taunt you into “LIKING: me.



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