Honda Civic/It’s all I have!

Bloody battered knuckles, crass and angry curse words, furrowed brows and gnarled lips.

This is the regular order of emotions during a weekly packing session of loading and unloading the Honda Civic.

The show does not begin when mics are turned on and the tubes in the amp are warm, no no my friends.

The grind…the grind is before annnd after every gig.  A constant effort of lifting, sifting and ensuring that each piece of equipment is packed in its distinct

position or it simply will not fit.  Gnashing gums and teeth ensues!

Needless to say…you know that GMC Van you have sitting in your driveway since 1995?  CAN I HAVE IT?

Orange Cone brain is the only way I can fully describe how I feel.


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