The Wire Awards and Tiny Shoes

The Wire Awards were held last night at the Market Hall Theatre in Peterborough.  The show highlighted the best of the best in the local musical community.

I am a proud member of this do it yourself or stay in bed kinda mentality that is a steadfast idealism here.  Book your shows, play em and play em well is the motto.

I am pleased to announce that I received the Female Vocalist of The Year Award which made me feel super fantastic!

I accepted my award with grace followed by a mad hatter speech about being poor…but loving it.

I have a huge special thanks to give to Denis Goggin for being by my side for every triumph and fail there is to be had in this business.  His style and musical capabilities are instrumental and pertinent to the music that I am creating.

Thank you so much to any of you who believe in what I am doing….even just a little bit!


One thought on “The Wire Awards and Tiny Shoes

  1. Hey Lindsay. Congratulations on the award! Your EP is still in my CD player since last summer when I bought it from you guys in St. John’s. You’re in the deck with Diana Krall and Holly Cole – great company and you’re holding your own girl! I listen to it lots.

    Keep on keepin’ on – I’m a believer.

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