Time for conference or Rock and Roll?

The Rock and Roll conference can be a funny and rare oddity in itself.

I have just arrived back from the ECMAS in Moncton and I had a number of positive occurrences and some that made me scratch my head and ponder where did all the misfit rockers go?

I experienced the panel discussions and mixers. I played and participated in the jam-packed evenings full of live music held a various venues and the seemingly nightly attempt to get to bed before 4:30am.  Each morning I awoke to yet another attempt to clean myself up and cure my red and puffy eyes.

Onto to the daily bright and day lit conference where you are trying to leave a good impression everywhere you go and with everyone you speak to.  It took all of my might to ignore the nagging need to jump out the nearest window.

My favorite moment was when Frank a member of a band from Montreal called The “Ins and Outs” spontaneously jumped on stage while we were in our last song and proclaimed in a heavy French Canadian accent, “I want to play with choo” and then proceeded to grab two broken drums sticks and put the beat to the music.    Thanks Franky!

The contacts we made on our journey are irreplaceable and the necessity of attending this conference as an East Coast musician is paramount.  The who’s who of the who’s who crowd will be smack dab in the middle of the event and from toe to ceiling there are relationships to be forged.  I had a great time and I most assuredly learned a lot of new information that will help equipe me for the next stage in my career.

The biggest lesson I learned is  “EAT MORE FRUIT”.


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