Don’t eat that, and can I have a lime for my beer.

The Lindsay Barr Band were happy to play the Cameron House in Toronto last eve.

I learned that this particular club is what some clubs should model themselves after.

Excellent sound, approachable and friendly staff and management, easy load in access, freaking reasonable drink prices and $3 parking across the street!  AWESOME!!!

Great sound…not good….damn great sound.  With the dampened ceiling and walls with what I could make out as a tangled and gnarled twine of faux vines that encompassed the small room…Also a sound guy with the named Frank Nevada, come on he’s gotta be star on the console.

We played particularly well due to this new-found incredible sound.  The kind of mix that gives you permission to play and sing to the best of your ability.

Barbara took care of the door as well as merch.  Thanks to her we now even carry custom made picks and bumper stickers…we sell stuff!

Denis and I ended the night with a farewell to our bandmates and crew and decided a hotdog from the disgruntled street vender at 2am was a great idea as our intention to pack egg salad sandwiches has yet once again eluded us.  That street dog  has left this girl more interested in a steady diet of fresh vegetables.

Don’t eat that!



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