Stand to attention:Sgt Peppers

Chicken wings, Shirley Temples and friendly staff completed our evening at Sgt Peppers in Ajax.  We set up our equipment on floor level in the corner of the restaurant, anticipation of how will be able to cut through hot sauce, loud chatter and  a steady stream of busy waitresses was on my sub conscience.

When we arrived I noticed an impressive and ambitious light show being assembled for our performance. This made me smile and then I caught wind that there was a stage to be built in a number of weeks.  Light Show+Stage+Audience=wicked new music venue!!!

We began our quieted first set making sure it was not too loud to combat dinner talk and as to not give the promoter a “oh no, who did I book”moment. The first set we harnessed our regular energy levels and Dougie’s wicked elongated rock endings and saved the madness for the last two sets.

We were able to gain the audiences love and book another 8 shows with Sgt Peppers in a few of their locations.

Job well done team!


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